Friday, October 12, 2012

Stamp a Tangle

I wasn't sure what to call this, Reverse Zentangle?  Untangle?  Finally decided on Stamp a Tangle because instead of drawing tangle patterns, I got patterns from my stamps.

My Stamped Tangle

Organic Stamped Zentangle

Here is a picture tutorial of what I did.

1.  Draw your "string" on post it note.  That is my
zentangle tile underneath.

2.  Trim out sections.

3. Mask borders of tile.
Stamp a pattern in one section.

4.  Cover that section back up with the post it piece you
 cut out and remove another section.

5.  Stamp another pattern in this section.   This
section was a challenge because it was so small.
You can see I used the back of a bug stamp.

6.  Cover that section and uncover another.

7.  Stamp another pattern.

8.  Cover the stamped section and uncover another.

9.  Fill the last section with another pattern.  
In this case I used a tree stamp.

10.  Almost done! 

11.  Add a little shading with a #2 pencil and blending stump and 
NOW its done!

These are the stamps I used.  The bug stamp is 
clear so I'm showing the image instead of the stamp.


Stamps :   A Bug's Life, Crafty Secrets Clear Art Stamps
                 Aida Cloth, Stampin Up (retired)
                 Tree, from Adorable Park set, Stampin Up
                  Wood grain, All Night Media

Ink :         Versafine Archival in Onyx Black

Paper :      Watercolor, Fabriano, 25% cotton, 72lb cold press (3 1/2in square)

Tools :       Stamp-a-ma-jig
                  Post it notes

Technique :  Zentangle (size, string, and as inspiration)
                     stamping and masking

Credits :  Zentangle is a relaxing, meditative art form founded by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.    Please check out their web site at for a description of zentangle, glossary of  terms (tile, tangle, string), videos and stunning examples.

 I made this design just as a twist on zentangle, kind of as an exercise and another way to use stamps.  You can stop here.  OR  Maybe you want to take it further?  How about filling in a stamped image with stamped patterns?  It will make you look at your stamps in a new way.  I hope you try it!

October 13 through October 21, 2012 is Stamptoberfest on the Stamping Forum at  It's a week of stamping challenges, chats and games by forum members for members.  It's easy to become a member,  so please join us!  This Stamp a Tangle post is part of the challenge I'm sponsoring during Stamptoberfest at twopeas.

Here is a link to the discussion thread for my challenge on the twopeas stamping forum. 
Here is a link to my challenge blog post on twopeas.  I hope you'll participate!